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Updated: Jan 5

I’m going to be totally honest with you here…I know exactly nothing about writing a blog. When I was first approached to create one, my initial response was: “ummm….I don’t know how.” Lol But what I do know is an awful lot about nutrition and its impact on our overall health and wellness. You might even say a plant-based lifestyle is my specialty! So that’s why I’m here. Because I am passionate about sharing all the glory that can come from good health and the myriad of ways we can improve our quality of life through good food, good sleep, mindfulness, movement, passion, and purpose.

Now if all this excitement about salad is starting to make you nervous…hang in there with me.

Does this mean I’m going to ask you to forego all future burgers and explore a plants-only life of purity with me? Nope.

Does it mean I hope you’ll be open to exploring new recipes, tips and tricks for finding your path to your very best life, climate and environmental impacts of a plant-based lifestyle, and maybe even add a legume or two to your daily diet? Absolutely.

My goal is to bring quality content in a time of overwhelmingly bad information and pseudo-science. This blog has no agenda. No hyperbole. Just a genuine wish to share my passion with you.

It’s all about the journey baby. Let’s share some laughs, let’s EAT, let's explore untapped paths towards wellness, and if you’re inspired to add a little green to your life, my work will have been worth it. I hope you’ll join me as we eat plants, chase passion, and find purpose!



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